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James Swint is the creator of B.A.R.S. A native of Kings County, raised in downtown Brooklyn, New York. He is well-rooted in the sport of basketball. He’s been around basketball for four decades; As a player, coach and basketball league Director, he is a mentor of the sport and a pillar of his community.


He serves his community in various capacities; he sits at the Board as a Board Member for Youth Stars Inc. and is also the Commissioner of the Hoop Connection League during the summers - both nonprofit organizations, dedicated to our youth, and their well-being. For four years, he also served as an advisor and coach for C.Y.O. (Catholic Youth Organization).


Serving the public is James’ vocation. James is altruistic and a Philanthropist, with his generosity being felt and having an impact in the community. He is also a businessman, but foremost... he is religious and a family man. James is also the Founder of Flash Exterminating, a successful exterminating business that extends to all five boroughs of New York City. His customers always come first, and this is the main reason why he is still in business.


James was always organized and works best with structure... hence, the creation of B.A.R.S! The basis of B.A.R.S is to keep the statistics of a basketball game in one book, while recording all necessary stats that usually gets recorded separately. Statistics like; blocks, assists, rebounds and steals. So, enjoy record keeping with B.A.R.S!

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